A landscape photo of the reddish sands of the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. A solo female traveler stands on a cliff overlooking the expansive desert with more limestone cliffs in the distance. Her arms are held up. The text overlaying the image says "Your Solo Travels Start Here" and "Cat is Out of the Office."


I’m Cat, a solo travel expert.

I left my job in 2021 to do something I’ve always dreamed of: travel the world!

Now, I’m here to help you do the same.

From My Adventure to Yours

Ready to explore the world on your own? Whether it’s your first solo trip or you’re looking to go bigger, I’ve been there. 

I started this blog to encourage and guide people like you to take the leap, regardless of age or career stage. It’s never too late for an adventure.

Here, you’ll find tips, stories, and support to make your solo travels as fulfilling as possible. 

Learn from my mistakes, and make all new mistakes of your own!

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Graphic that reads "Free Travel Planning Checklist" with an image of a solo female traveler dreaming about all the things she has to do before her trip.

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